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Surface rugueuse

T - rex 



Archelon is the store of the company  Eldonia , specialist in the preparation, sale and casting of fossils.

You will find in our online store our fossils, dinosaurs: (T-Rex, Triceratops Quetzacoaltus, Ouranosaurus ...), casts, Trilobites, Ammonites, meteorites, mammals, fish, sharks….As well as the specimens  that we rent, in the rental part.

We work with  public or private museums, French or foreign but also for collectors for special orders and the realization of your projects.


We will be at:

  • Tucson, Arizona, US ​ 

January 26 to  February 6, 2022    

  • Chatel-Guyon, France  

19-20 _  February  2022            

  • Institute of Judo Paris 14th, France  

25 -  27  March  2022       

  • Tima Show Tokyo, Japan  

May 26-30, 2022        

  • Mineral & Gem, Sainte Marie aux Mines, France

23 - 26 June 2022    

  • Millau, France

July 22-24, 2022


Une idée originale de cadeau  pour un évènement, une fête..?
Offrez un cadeau personnalisé

Tous nos fossiles sont fournis avec un certificat d'authenticité indiquant son identification, datation et origine.


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